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Dessert Cakes
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Standard Cupcakes - $2.50 each • $25.00 dozen (save $5)
Specialty Cupcakes (filled or decorated) - starting at $30 per dozen
Mini-Cupcakes: $1.50 each • $15.00 dozen (save $3)

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Delicious cupcakes baked with all natural ingredients and flavor compounds, covered in our own award-winning French style buttercream. Stop by our store on Fridays or Saturdays to try one of our weekly flavors, or place a special order any day of the week in the flavor of your choosing!
Weekend Cupcake Flavors for Tues. & Wed., December 23-24
Red Velvet• Chocolate Peppermint • Gingerbread Man • Chocolate Truffle • Vanilla Beany

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Specialty Cupcake Flavor Choices - All contain sweet fillings!
#1 Red Velvet - Fluffy red velvet cake filled and topped with cream cheese buttercream.
#2 Vanilla Cream - Our vanilla cake and buttercream filled with Crema di Vanilla.
#3 Double Chocolate - Our dark chocolate cake and buttercream filled with chocolate ganache.
#4 White Chocolate Raspberry - Vanilla cake filled with housemade raspberry jam, topped
       with raspberry white chocolate buttercream.
#5 Peanut Butter Cup - Chocolate cake with peanut buttercream, filled with PB ganache.
#6 Chocolate Peppermint - Chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream, filled with
       sweet peppermint cream sauce.
#7 Cookies N Cream - Chocolate cake filled with sweet cream and topped with
        Crema di Vanilla and crushed Oreo buttercream.
#8 Salted Caramel - Caramel cake filled with gooey caramel sauce, topped with
        vanilla caramel buttercream.
Cookie Choices - Cookies are one of our best kept secrets!
#1 Cookie Nouveau - A brown sugar and oat based cookie, with chunks of white and
       dark chocolate, dried cranberries, and toasted coconut.
#2 Chocolate Chunk - Our popular brown sugar and oat based cookie, filled with chunks
       of 72% dark chocolate. Not your average chocolate chip cookie!
*Please read deal details carefully. Orders should be placed one week in advance to guarantee availability.

Want to place a special cupcake order for your event?
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Cake Truffles
$1.75 each • $9.50 half-dozen • $18.00 dozen
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Delicious hand-rolled balls of cake and buttercream dipped in chocolate. Cake truffles are available daily in a changing variety of flavors. Stop by and grab a few or customize a special order for your next event in almost any flavor imaginable.

$1.50 each
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Cookie Nouveau White chocolate, dark chocolate, dried cranberries, oats, and coconut.

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Dessert Cakes
When you just want to eat good cake!
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Our dessert cakes are classic buttercream only cakes without any fancy decorations, just plain good taste! These cakes must be ordered in advance and can be made in the flavor of your choosing with a personalized message.

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Size Price (Estimated Servings)
Round Cake Square Cake
4 inch $20 (4-5) $25 (6-8)
6 inch $30 (10-12) $35 (15)
8 inch $40 (16-20) $45 (25)
10 inch $50 (30) $55 (40)
12 inch $60 (45) $65 (55)

Custom Cakes
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Looking for a special, one-of-a-kind cake for your event? Our staff will be happy to talk to you about your order and help you create a unique design that fits your event perfectly! Browsing our online cake galleries may provide you some inspiration for your cake. The sky is the limit! Prices vary greatly, so please call us or stop by our store so we can discuss your order details in order to provide you a better estimate.

Visit our Info page for answers to frequently asked cake questions!

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